02 August 2010

Local Hero

No. 3210 - 31 Jul 2010 - 10:16:30

Gastown, Vancouver

Here is a man with a mission; a downtown character who is recognized for the ball he has tucked under his arm at all times (except when he has a clear shot at a kick down an empty stretch and somewhere in my files is a picture of him doing such a thing at 05:00 on a snow-covered Hastings Street). He practices pride of place on his daily tours of the neighbourhood; picking up every bit of trash he sees in his path and stopping only for a cigarette or to do a spot of calisthenics with the aid of his football. He is a fine example of a person making the best of a tricky situation while maintaining his humanity. Somebody should validate him for his effort but this is 2010 and the system has been thoroughly campbellized.

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