29 May 2010

Harbour View

No. 8063 - 14 Apr 2010 - 09:48:15

28 May 2010

Burrard Inlet

No. 2849(2) - 07 Mar 2008 - 08:13:53

26 May 2010

Eastern Exposure

No. 6273 - 18 May 2010 - 19:00:04

25 May 2010

Light, The Big Tool

No. 0296 - 04 Oct 2007 - 11:35:29

24 May 2010

No Entrance

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23 May 2010

22 May 2010

21 May 2010

Love Love Love

No. 3040 - 27 Jun 2008 - 22:23:25

Gastown, Vancouver

I wish to mark the 25th birthday of my daughter Camilla . She is full of grace and discretion and very dear to me. I had a bunch of other stuff to say but she is private and modest by nature so I will abstain and suffice to say she is the best of companions and the strongest of hearts. May she endure. xxoo

20 May 2010

Topiaries On Guard For Thee

No. 6089 - 07 Jul 2008 - 19:34:45

Gastown, Vancouver

There was no post yesterday, 19 May 2010, due to computer failure. This is distressing to me because I love what I do and yet my tools are woefully inadequate to the job and so failure always looms. In my mind's eye I have the computer that I need: not too big, not too small, powerful, fun, bold - just like me! I am able to compose soundscapes, animation, and video for broadcast on this site along with better linking within and without. Meanwhile ... back in the physical world, I hope I make the post. I should have my head examined. Regards.

Update: Through the magic of blogspot.com two images were stored in draft. I went to bed exhausted and disappointed (perhaps due to the aftereffects of simple day-surgery drugs) and cannot recall the point I had in mind when I chose these two photos but I suspect the valour of the one-legged gull is dear to me.

18 May 2010

Siren Steam

No. 2203 - 27 Jan 2009 - 12:00:28

Gastown, Vancouver

Here is one of The Town's beloved tourist attractions and most eastern destination on the tour bus route (apparently tourism czars like to steer their captive audience away from Gastown and towards Robson Street due to eastism and Chinatown is part of a separate adventure-style agenda). When they are dropped off in front of this landmark, the visitors stand in a circle with their cameras at the ready, waiting patiently for the display which occurs every quarter of the hour on the hour. The piece toots loudly and spews steam from its cap, everyone is pleased and the tour moves on.

It is not an easy feature to photograph because there are many distractions at the corner of Water and Cambie. Early in the morning and the middle of winter are good times to capture the Victorian silhouettes without the restless current of modern life. Even on this misty grey and rainy spring day the Steam Clock will be irresistible to hoards of travellers.

17 May 2010

Freak Like Me

No. 0045 - 06 Feb 2008 - 17:25:42

16 May 2010

On Burnaby Mountain

No.8441-21 Jul 2008-09:46:20 * No.8513-21 Jul 2008-10:24:18

15 May 2010

Up Against It

No. 0226 - 09 Apr 2009 - 14:41:55

14 May 2010

Floral Arts

Nos. 0742 to 0816 - 18 Apr 2010 - 14:18:16 to 14:31:50

13 May 2010


Rear View Window

No. 3625 - 06 May 2010 - 06:56:44

Gastown, Vancouver

The Town fancies itself a certain way but there are many windows into consciousness.

12 May 2010

Punt and Paddle

No. 3902 - 07 May 2010 - 20:20:42

New False Creek


11 May 2010

10 May 2010

Icon Gone

No. 1829 - 30 Apr 2010 - 09:32:10

Gastown, Vancouver

Quelle domage! I was away from my studio perch when the roof was deliberately and finally dropped after 27 years. Before the Olympics, I posted a picture of the roofless dome taken in 2007 after a rip in the fabric caused collapse due to a heavy, wet snowfall. I regret not being present while this one slipped away. This is the last image I took, after hundreds, of a favourite architectural canvas and, although there are no special light effects on it's surface, the gull flying overhead suitably finalizes this aspect of my landscape project. And now, GM (needs a new name) Place, marks the spot in Yaletown.

09 May 2010

Light's Illusions

No. 7583 - 20 Oct 2008 - 17:48:46

Gastown, Vancouver

This post is courtesy of my mother who chose this image out of many. It has nothing to do with Mother's Day but she likes the colours and so do I. The rainbow appears to pour into Lord Strathcona Elementary School which, when full of students, is indeed a pot of gold.

08 May 2010

07 May 2010