20 May 2010

Topiaries On Guard For Thee

No. 6089 - 07 Jul 2008 - 19:34:45

Gastown, Vancouver

There was no post yesterday, 19 May 2010, due to computer failure. This is distressing to me because I love what I do and yet my tools are woefully inadequate to the job and so failure always looms. In my mind's eye I have the computer that I need: not too big, not too small, powerful, fun, bold - just like me! I am able to compose soundscapes, animation, and video for broadcast on this site along with better linking within and without. Meanwhile ... back in the physical world, I hope I make the post. I should have my head examined. Regards.

Update: Through the magic of blogspot.com two images were stored in draft. I went to bed exhausted and disappointed (perhaps due to the aftereffects of simple day-surgery drugs) and cannot recall the point I had in mind when I chose these two photos but I suspect the valour of the one-legged gull is dear to me.

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