30 April 2010


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Laughing Lion

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29 April 2010

Sun Tower Under The Weather

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28 April 2010

27 April 2010


No. 4659 - 26 May 2008 - 13:27:57

Gastown, Vancouver

Every morning my father would feed a family of crows who nested in the Douglas fir tree in the backyard of our home in North Vancouver. "Here Charlie, Charlie", he would call from the back porch as he tossed dried crusts onto the carport roof. I caught him, on more than one occasion, leaving out slices of bread to dry the night before because he anticipated there would be no crusts in the morning to feed his crows. He kept an old birdcage in the basement should a sparrow fly into the large living room window and, stunned, need a safe place to recover. This happened at least once a year and I recall he lost only a couple in two decades; usually the birds were recovered enough within the hour to be released . The ones that did not make it were buried under the little apple tree in the backyard alongside Teddy the budgie and the assorted pet mice and gerbils that accumulated throughout our childhood.

Crows inhabit the trees in front of St. Paul's Hospital on Burrard Street where my father died 33 years ago today. Rest in peace Pa.

Douglas William George Hatfull: December 29, 1917 - April 27, 1977.

26 April 2010

24 April 2010

Chez Moi

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22 April 2010

Two Windows

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Gastown, Vancouver

Two random photographs taken three minutes apart on the same street are paired by virtue of colour, context, and location. The image on the left displays a large contemporary painting in a gallery window on Powell Street, facing south and overlaid with reflections from the street while the image on the right is a close-up of a small frosted and wired glass portal with bars facing north at the Brian Adams recording studio building. The cause of the colours behind this small window that looks into an open space within the building is unknown but they are undeniably referenced in the painting a half block away.

21 April 2010

20 April 2010

Little Red House

No. 3519 - 23 Feb 2007 - 15:44:01

Gastown, Vancouver

This picture was taken shortly after the big winds of winter 2007. While half of Stanley Park was blown down and trees in the rest of the city were in various states of damage, this exposed, stand-alone Douglas fir survived and was still marking the turf of the little red house. The three blocks of First Avenue in Grandview-Woodlands where this property is situated had been run-down and neglected for years when neighbourhood improvements showed themselves here on a highway not generally considered appropriate for my lovely home. Although the owners did not live here, preferring to make this a revenue property, they appeared to spend considerable effort and resources to bring it back to its pioneer glory. Alongside is the tree which acts as a beacon and can be seen from various parts of the city where next to it sits this little improvement.

19 April 2010

Light Show

No. 9180 - 19 Apr 2010 - 21:27:22

Pieces of Things

Words, monuments, shadows, clouds share right lines and curves.

18 April 2010

17 April 2010

16 April 2010


Gastown, Vancouver

Although I had not intended to turn this into a birthday blog I nevertheless enjoy acknowledging the historical context within I find myself. Here is a photograph of Thelma Hammerquist Hatfull in 1952, at the glamorous age of 26, on her honeymoon, in a bathing suit, and holding a cigarette (!!!!). I am tossing in a snapshot taken in 1970 while on family vacation at the Oregon coast which, it is entirely disconcerting to realize, was taken 40 years ago.

Thelma is a remarkable 84 years old and still a girl at heart. Bon anniversaire maman and many more!

* It is allowed.
photo credits: DWG Hatfull

11 April 2010

Symbolic Reach

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