01 April 2010

Poisson d'Avril

No. 6532 - 01 Apr 2010 - 08:34:12

Gastown, Vancouver

An April Fool or poisson d'avril (April Fish) is an annual stand-in for hoaxes and practical jokes. Sources point to the change in calendars and the confusion over when to celebrate New Year's Day, in 15th-16th century Europe, as the cause of this mostly harmless condescension. Earlier historical references to the day suggest the reason is part of a human propensity to play jokes and pranks and embarrass the gullible.

Beware a slap on the back that results in wearing a paper fish for other's amusement and remember that the game is over by 12:00 PM. The paper salmon in the photo above is courtesy of the former Salmonopolis.

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