25 June 2011


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The Drive

When I was a little girl, growing up on the edge of Grouse Mountain in the City of North Vancouver, I asked my mother what was on the other side of the mountains and she told me, "more mountains". I found the answer to be insufficient although I understood its veracity. Perhaps I meant to ask "what is on the other side of the obstacles I have yet to negotiate?"

My failure to post lately is due to a depressing cold I caught during my road trip which I still nurse while waiting for a bit of arthroscopic surgery on my right knee. In spite of a recent postponement I look forward to recovering the mobility I lost three years ago when I was last hit by the chronic illness stick and fell in the well.

Fortunately, I was able to chronicle and complete a body of work documenting civic, architectural, biological and social life, situated as I was, at an 8th floor outpost on the corner of Main and Hastings - an address so horrible that I barely mentioned it by name on these pages.

And yet the view was spectacular.

When I first began to capture this southern perspective of Metro Vancouver someone noted that it was a shame I did not also have a view of the North Shore Mountains to which I replied, "I know they are there and that is enough". They have my back even when I cannot see them and now inspire feelings of gravitas and continuity rather than appearing to be obstacles to expansion and self-discovery.

I am at liberty to look forward with a view to the opportunities in my 360 degrees of landscape consciousness at dimeChronicle. On the other side of the mountains are more beautiful mountains.


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