12 September 2010

Wet Pavement

No. 4424 - 18 Oct 2007 - 09:32:20

Gastown, Vancouver

When people speak of the weather, most usually, it is to complain about an aspect of everyday life over which they have absolutely no control. It is safe territory for a good whinge especially for those of a normally moderate temperament.

The Lower Mainland of British Columbia has a gloomy winter environment of deeply overcast skies, consistent rainfall, and the 95% humidity of a dank, hypothermic nature. It is difficult to notice that it is more likely the loss of light, enclosing and shortening the days, which saddens the inhabitants. The arrival of the autumn equinox in this misty land of complainers can be more disconcerting than the weather itself.

My forecast tells me I will continue to go outside and seek what light there is available in order to exercise the moment and record it for later enjoyment.

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