10 May 2011

Technical Difficulties

No. 8823 - 22 Apr 2011 - 15:42:38

Dimechonicle was conceived as a way to exhibit a growing body of photographic work along with occasional points of view, salient to the contemporary images displayed.
I have been without a residential internet connection for over one week and the distress this causes begs me to question the worth and necessity of continuing with this mode of expression. The current era of media communication is altering the very way our brains work and creating new pathways to human contact and, as usual, no one knows where it will lead us. I enjoy experimenting with the directions it takes me but however much I enjoy posting new pictures, there is always frustration when the technology fails to work as anticipated. At some point I began to feel obligated to post in spite of overwhelming difficulties such as a broken computer or failing internet connections.
Recently I recognized this obligation to be more of a privilege and that what I get out of it is greater than what I put in. Therefore I am grateful and will continue to post as long as it gives me pleasure and in spite of the faster things get, the more they don't go anywhere.

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