07 June 2010

Science World Week

No. 4875 - 13 Nov 2007 09:48:11

Gastown, Vancouver

The Expo-era landmark, and favourite haunt of children and parents, always commands me to take its picture. Although much has changed around it, the snowball remains structurally unchanged in 24 years. I have always loathed going inside and told my daughter, back in the day, I would take her to anything, anywhere but please not to that shrieking, gonging, hell hole of an elementary school science fair. It is an acute aural sensitivity that has led me to prefer observing and recording the image of its external shell and it sits prominently in the view out my front window.

The collection grows daily and needs an outlet. Welcome to my Science World.*

* Currently billed SCIENCE WORLD at TELUS WORLD of SCIENCE as many people have pointed out to me with raised eyebrows.

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