28 June 2010

Self Aware

No. 1006 - 14 Jun 2010 - 12:05:24

Gastown, Vancouver

Today is the birthday of a woman who has positively impacted my life. She, along with a team of practitioners of the highest professional calibre, has assisted me to transform my 20 year history of illness, due to an unfortunate accident, forward into wellness. The best thing about a paradigm shift is the momentum it gives one to challenge and accomplish other shifts and rearrangements.

Click on the image and look into the middle where four small windows are set in a golden brick background; the two on the right are the studio from which I currently take 90% of my pictures.
It is notable to have the opportunity to look back at myself from the location of my recovery and as I move on to a new landscape. There is added significance in the background, which is my hometown, the City of North Vancouver.

I snapped this shot while waiting for an appointment with the person of the day. She is a fellow mid-Boomer; born in the Year of the Horse (like me and Jackie Chan). Happy birthday Dr, Donna. Regards.

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