15 January 2010

The Hidden Costs of Branding British Columbia

No. 2931 - 06 Feb 2008 - 18:00:27

Gastown, Vancouver

The count down is upon us and the preparations intensify as the true purpose of our interest in this corporate/public partnership, known as Vancouver 2010, is revealed to be tourism. Images and slogans for Supernatural British Columbia abound from every advertising opportunity. They entice visitors to visit more, again, and often by way of images and video of awesome scenery and wildlife. As a native daughter of the province I have seen much of it over the years and enjoy recalling the beauty of all five of its distinct geographical regions. But stewardship of the land is costly and easily degraded and the public trust and our common interest, in all things natural and supernatural, is being campbellized. The latest province-wide fire sale involves selling the rights to our rivers to corporate concerns friendly with the governments of the day. (Could it also be an effective way to privatize fresh water without going to the trouble of informing the public or obeying the law?)

Memo Foolish humans and other British Columbians . . . once we lose our rights we may never get them back. Enjoy the party but keep an eye on the back door for the inevitable thieves.

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