02 January 2010

Never Before Has Technology Promised So Much and Delivered So Little ... say I

No. 3594 - 24 Sep 2007 - 10:03:06

Gastown, Vancouver

Stay with me and watch while I learn how to connect my bloG to my website christinehatfull.ca where the last time I had a handle on the only page uploaded was back when I believed "The possibilities are endless." Ah, school-girl days.

In the upcoming months I will be posting an on-going series of documentary photographs detailing the changing landscape of Metro Vancouver. I have employed a seasonal time-lapse method (daily, hand-held, light and site specific) covering almost three years to date. Eventually, a collection of digital media including acoustic ecology, animation, and video will contribute additional texture to my practice.

In the meantime, it continues to rain and I still need a better computer ... sheesh, my $20 USB flash drive has more storage than this future-shopped pile of compaq. Enough said.

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