06 January 2010

VANCOUVER Portrait of a City

No. 3274 - 10 Sep 2009 - 06:53:49

Gastown, Vancouver

Ninety years, 30 storeys, and 15 city blocks separate two Vancouver erections, caught in a distant embrace.

In the foreground, is the 17-storey, beaux-arts style Sun Tower at 100 West Pender (W.T. Whitelaw, 1911-1912) which was the tallest building in the British Empire until 1914 and home to the Vancouver Sun , for nearly 30 years. Rising 48 storeys in the background is One Wall Centre at 1088 Burrard (Busby and Associates, 2000-2001) whose curving glass walls reflect the glow of northwest coast light and provide award-winning shelter to a hotel and residential condominiums.

VANCOUVER Portrait of a City is a 13 part series of photo images documenting the landscape, architecture, and light available from a fixed point of view, over a three year period.

No. 3370
10 Sep 2009 - 07:00:46

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