19 February 2010

Vancouver, The Beautiful

Gastown, Vancouver

While the beautiful, dry, sunny weather of this particular Vancouver winter freaks out the world, we the citizens know that this is why people tend to move here. The region is physically gorgeous, temperate in climate, and multi-cultural; truth. However, many contradictions abound: degraded environments, government sponsored illegal drug rackets and gang wars, protection of the privilege of sex on demand, and the dropping of all poor, disabled, and disenfranchised citizens into a criminalized underclass. Oops.

All levels of government and their corporate partners are working hard, during the Olympics, to dismiss these issues for the sake of sport. But a post-mortem is inevitable and necessary and not just by VANOC officials or disgruntled middle-class anarchists but by artists, writers, lawyers, scientists, planners, and citizens from all levels of our society. A grassroots movement begins when we have eyes to see with, ears to hear with and a will to change for the benefit of our society rather than our accumulated wealth.

Hope springs eternal, and if that doesn't work, just put aside the fear and listen to the collective hearts and souls of those who yearn for a better home. Even those who believe they hate all poor people (yes, they exist and speak out frequently - fear is ugly) would feel better about themselves and this is a proven in brain science. Winning in any sport is nothing compared to winning good quality of life for all who suffer silently or messily in useless poverty, degradation and hopelessness. Believe it; we will all feel better about ourselves and our national home when all our neighbours have the opportunity to feel good about their lives. Long-term good news is a real goal for humanity; the age of Aquarius.

RANT over.

And now in Olympic news - I am off to escort my mother to a curling match - a round robin where four games (sheets) are played simultaneously. We will be cheering Canada vs. Denmark while Britain, Japan, Switzerland, China, Sweden, and Russia will claim another's favour.

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