07 March 2010

St. Jean de Brébeuf Church and Churchyard in Cayer Manitoba

Narcisse Cayer was my maternal great-grandfather. He came from Sherbrooke, Québec in 1880, to Manitoba where he worked for the Hudson's Bay Company driving Red River carts.
He met and married my great-grandmother, Marie-Anne Camyré, formerly of Montréal, in St. Vital before relocating to Pigeon Lake, west of Winnipeg, where they started a family and ran a general store next to the Assiniboine River.
In 1911, the family of 11 moved, north of Ste. Rose du Lac to the shores of Lake Manitoba, with a few other homesteading families, seeking more land to graze their cattle and pursue entrepreneurship
in the new community where they opened and ran the post office.
Their legacy resides in a name, a place and a postal code -
Cayer, Manitoba R0L 0K0.


  1. hey! we are potentially related! Narcisse's grandson, Cecil, is my grandfather,which would make my father your cousin, if i am correct. i have never heard from anybody from that side of the family, so this is amazing!

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